Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. 

The council will only remove fly-tipping from public land, landowners are responsible for private land.  

We need to know:  

  • where the fly-tipping is
  • what has been dumped
  • how much there is
  • details of the person or vehicle if you have them (please provide any evidence obtained such as photographs)

You should:

  • ask to see a waste carrier’s certificate 
  • keep a record of the waste carrier’s details in case your waste and it is traced back to you
  • make sure that you have a copy of the waste transfer note. Businesses must always get a copy of a waste transfer note 

Households have a legal responsibility to make sure any rubbish is disposed of correctly.

If you have your rubbish removed and it ends up being fly-tipped, you could be held responsible and fined.

Anyone found fly-tipping could face an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment.

On conviction, the fine is unlimited in the Crown Court and the maximum term of imprisonment is five years.

Street cleaning 

Request street cleaning 

We will be cleaning various streets across Newport, work in each street will take around one hour to complete.

Please do not park in these streets at these times, to allow us to carry out this work.

If you would like to arrange a community clean up, you must provide us with at least 1 months’ notice. 

You can contact the team [email protected] 

Tyre tagging scheme

Report incorrect disposal of tyres

Working in partnership with Natural Resources Wales, the tyre tagging scheme aims to reduce fly-tipping in Newport.

Garages will mark their tyres with a code if these tyres are dumped, they can be traced back to the person who collected them.

All businesses have a duty to ensure that their waste doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Business owners should ask:

  • if their contractor is registered to carry waste
  • where the tyres will be taken that should have a waste permit
  • for a transfer note, this will say where the waste has gone